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Fashion Trend

Posted by MD.Rifatuzzaman Anik on

Before we talk about the importance of fashion, we need to know what fashion is. Fashion is a way how you dress and style yourselves. There are many reasons why you need to dress in a fashionable way. Fashion helps creating first impression. Fashion boosts our confidence. When it comes to fashion, majority of the people follows celebrities, which helps us to understand the trends.

Since I am so engaged with the fashion updates, I was searching for some trendy outfits. And I found some of my favorite celebs trendy photos in different blogs. Recently, Zendaya and Tom Holland attended the screening of Tom’s film Uncharted. They were looking so graceful with the outfit. Zendayawas wearing a Black oversized shirt with a beautiful belt which is like Kurteli

                                    Sl Fashions Rosette Chiffon Dress

(Sale price£90.00 Regular price£150.00).

And Tom was wearing a silver suit-pant with a black high neck t-shirt. Kurteli has

Tallia Orange Men's Slim-Fit Pink/Gray Windowpane Wool Sport Coat

                              (Sale price£140.00 Regular price£350.00)

which is very similar to Tom’s outfit. On new Valentino Campaign Zendaya modelled a pink dress which again took my heart away. When I think of her outfit, 

  City Studios Juniors' 2 Piece Lace and Floral Print Dress

(Regular price£32.00)

 comes to my mind. If you have any party to attend, nothing can be compared to these outfits.


Amanda Holden showcased yet another eye-catching look as she joined her fellow judges to film Britain's Got Talent in London on Thursday. She was wearing a stunning red leopard print dress. If you like her red dress, I am sure you will be liking Kurteli’s

        Adrianna Papell Lace Cap-Sleeve Illusion Sheath Dress


as well (Sale price£75.60 Regular price£189.00).

This dress can be carried for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.


Last but not the least, GEORGINA RODRIGUEZ and Cristiano Ronaldo's life of luxury is played out in Netflix show I Am Georgina. And the main attraction was their jewelry collection. Apart from that Georgina’s black dress can be altered by 

                     B Darlin Juniors' Embellished Open-Back Fit & Flare Dress

                                          (Regular price£31.00)

and Ronaldo’s outfit was so alike with

 Alfani Deep Black Mens Velvet Blazer

                                          (Regular price£110.00)

from kurteli. These trendy outfits can be fitted for any luxurious party.

 If you are a fashion freak like me and wants to look glamorous like these celebs, please visit Kurteli Store - Clothing, Beauty, Home & Living Products without any further delays. We will keep you posted about new arrivals.